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Road to the Ranch
Road to the Ranch

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If you or someone you know is interested in attending or would like more information. Click the box below. 

Our Mission is to awaken the minds, bodies, and spirits of warriors whose traumatic memories and attempts at repressing them have left them emotionally numb, volatile, and closed off. Our program focuses on building skills that help veterans readjust to the civilian world and their work, relationships, and communities.


Located on a beautiful riverside property in the Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. Equinox Ranch is committed to serving the needs of veterans living with PTSD. We provide a support system, a peaceful refuge, and a pool of resources dedicated to Helping Warriors Heal.

The goal of Equinox Ranch is to provide an environment and support for veterans who are ready for change and willing to seek help from others.  We recognize that we can only help those that are willing to work at healing. We support veterans on their journey. Many of our activities encourage veterans to leave isolation and join a supportive group.

There is no charge to attend this program.

If you have questions about the program, call us at 828-356-8307

or email


Testimonials from Veterans in Support of Equinox Ranch

At the ranch I was able to finally share things related to my time in the service after many, many years of trying to push it away and deal with it myself.  I felt that no one else would understand or see me as crazy.  But my biggest fear was that anything I said would somehow come back to haunt me and I would lose some of my rights because of it.  It was a relief to know that at the ranch what you say here, stops here. It was reassuring to be around other veterans and those who understood veterans and know that my information is private and protected.


Anonymous veteran

As a combat veteran, I have many mental and physical issues.  Equinox Ranch has been an enormous help to my mental well-being.  I am 100% PTSD disabled veteran.  There are not too many good days for me except for the ones I spend volunteering at the ranch.  The healing powers of this riverfront property are astronomical. 


Dr. Margo has demonstrated just how much she wants to help veterans by starting this amazing place of healing.  Equinox Ranch is already helping multiple veterans.  Once opened this healing sanctuary will be one of the top places for veterans to come and get the mental healing they truly need.  Thank you, Dr. Margo for seeing a problem with the mental health offered to veterans and bringing forth a solution.



Dear Dr. Margo,

I was never good at reading and writing but I am hoping to find the right words to get my message across.  Equinox Ranch means life to me.  I can feel your vision of assisting veterans in finding their balance. 

When I took a CEU massage class about working with trauma, I told my instructor how much I wanted to work with other veterans and she took me to Cullowhee. Once on the ranch, it was like BAM!!!  I had to tell other veterans about this little spot in the mountains and the great visionary who created it. The other volunteers also feel the magic of this place where we feel safe. 

I am writing to share my appreciation for you, the ranch and the universe for bringing us together.



An OEF, OIF Combat Veteran

My name is Stephen and I spent a week at Equinox Ranch and I was more than happy with the things that I learned. Dr. Margo really cares for the Veterans she works with. She has an amazing staff that is a big part of the treatment. Her sister, Jill, came in from California to be the CHEF and is an amazing cook! I was very nervous and not knowing what to expect when I got there and I was welcomed with open arms and very caring people. I took home with me to Kansas quite a bit of good tools to work on and I greatly appreciate everyone at the Ranch. Dr. Margo and her organization is really caring and treated us with respect and kindness. I see The Ranch being a very successful group. Thank you very much for your time and most of all your friendship.

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Telephone :  828-356-8307                                     

P.O. Box 2586, Cullowhee, NC United States 28723

Equinox Ranch is a 501 (C)3 and all contributions are tax deductible (EIN-47-2269920) to the fullest extent of the law.