Who is eligible to attend sessions at Equinox Ranch?

Veterans who served in combat regardless of type of discharge or combat era are eligible to apply for the program.

How long is the program?

This initial program consists of a ten-day session. Future initial sessions will be 14 days long. The program is intended to expose combat veterans to treatments and coping strategies and to support them as they integrate these into their everyday lives.   Veterans can return to the ranch for a follow up one-week session later in the year.


What types of treatments are included?

The Equinox program will consist of a variety of verbal and nonverbal therapies. All sessions will include peer group support and individual counseling. Exercise, music and art therapies will vary in form but be included as part of all the sessions.

Is there a cost for veterans to attend?

No, the program is free of charge for veterans.

Are weapons, non-prescription drugs and alcohol allowed on the ranch?

NO weapons, non-prescription drugs or alcohol are allowed at the ranch.  Veterans must be clean and sober for two months prior to attending a session.

How can I apply to attend a session?

You can sign up for an interview on our website. There will be separate sessions for female and male veterans.

Can I bring my service dog?

Yes, your certified service dog is welcome. He/she must be with you and under control at all times. You must provide their food and meet all other needs.  

How is the ranch supported?

The ranch receives financial assistance and in-kind goods from corporate foundations and private donations.

Are food and accommodations provided?

Yes, meals will be provided to those who attend. We tend to eat well at the ranch with home cooked meals and pizza nights.  Please let us know if you have special dietary restrictions.
Each veteran will have their own room that includes sheets and bedding.

Will sessions be open to both male and female veterans?

There will be separate sessions for males and females.

Will my attendance at the ranch be kept private?

Yes, Equinox ranch will protect the confidentiality of all attendees. The ranch will keep a limited file on each veteran which is only available for internal use. The staff at Equinox will not speak to anyone about the veteran unless the veteran gives us permission in writing or is actively suicidal or homicidal. No photos will be used for promotion unless veterans give us their permission to do so.

It is difficult for me to be in public, I am worried that being at the ranch will trigger my symptoms. What should I do?

The team at Equinox understand the effects of trauma and we developed our program and our physical space to help you feel more at ease. Everyone will be assigned their own room. The ranch is secluded so that a limited number of people will be allowed to enter the grounds daily. The staff is well trained to help you work through your negative emotions.

How should I prepare for my stay at Equinox?

All you need to do is bring yourself and your personal items. Equinox will supply everything else you need.
You are encouraged to bring your musical instruments and items for a memorial shrine.

How will I get to the ranch?

Equinox ranch will provide transportation to and from Asheville Regional Airport and Asheville Greyhound Bus Station at the beginning and end of each session.  Veterans may drive to the ranch and park on the premises.  

How will I spend my time while at Equinox Ranch?

Various activities will be scheduled each day.  In addition to daily meals and nightly gatherings we might schedule yoga; drumming; art; fishing; nature walk; etc.

How can I support Equinox Ranch?

We need your support in many ways.  Now and always you can contribute financially to the Ranch with PayPal or credit card through our website.   You can also send checks to Equinox Ranch, PO Box 2586, Cullowhee, NC 28723.
There are volunteer weekends or weeks in which volunteers will stay at the ranch and help with building and repair projects.   
Professionals that can offer their services to our veterans will be invited to attend one of our sessions.

Where is Equinox Ranch?

Equinox Ranch is located on 23 acres of land and surrounded by ½ mile of The Tuckasegee River.  There is lots of space to enjoy nature (deer, turkeys, wild birds, etc.)  We are located in Jackson County, North Carolina.

Is Equinox Ranch Accessible for the Handicapped?

Our facility is handicapped accessible.  The kitchen, dining room, living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom are fully ADA accessible.  Our riverfront area is also accessible by car.

What are requirements for being able to attend the program at Equinox Ranch?

You must be a combat veteran and capable of providing a DD214.

You must be willing to abstain from alcohol and drug use prior to/during the program.