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Therapeutic Activities

Exercise & Meditation

Equinox Ranch is surrounded by lush natural grounds that provide the perfect environment for a variety of exercise and meditative activities. The Tuckaseegee Riverfront that surrounds much of the property is ideal for fishing for trout and smallmouth bass, kayaking or relaxing around a campfire. Veterans might find themselves taking a yoga class or just taking a walk through the grounds during their stay.

Art, Writing & Music

Creative expression is an incredible way to work through trauma. Art, Writing and Music exercises are a  part of the therapeutic program at Equinox Ranch. There are sessions for each of these during the program. Veterans are encouraged to bring their instruments, poems, stories and artwork and share their talents with the group. 


Peer Counseling

Connecting with peers that have had similar experiences can be an extremely comforting and eye opening part of the healing process at Equinox Ranch. Peer counseling is a great way to explore emotions in a trusting and sympathetic environment with other veterans who can relate to and understand the experiences of war.

Fresh, Nutritious and  Delicious Meals

Three meals are provided daily. When possible we incorporate locally grown fruits and vegetables and do our best to meet veterans' special dietary restrictions. Veterans often help with meal preparations. Mealtimes give us the opportunity to relax and socialize together.

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Group Support

Group support is a critical part of the healing process at Equinox Ranch.  While each veteran's experience is unique, there are many similarities in the ways that trauma affects people.  It is natural for veterans to want to come home, forget about their combat experiences and return to their lives before war. Unfortunately, while that stategy may work temporarily it does not work long term.  Learning to share their experiences with other veterans and support each other is an important part of the recovery process.

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