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The First Session is Just The Beginning

Healing Takes Time

The program at Equinox Ranch is intended to awaken the mind, body and spirit of those whose traumatic memories and attempts at repression, have left them emotionally numb, volatile and closed off to the world. Their stay at the ranch will give them the skills to readjust to the civilian world and once again engage in their work, relationships and communities. It is in all of our best interest to help those who were injured while serving our country get the help they deserve and so desperately need.


Groups of up to 10 veterans will stay at the ranch for two 7 day sessions. These sessions move veterans temporarily out of their everyday isolation and provide an emotionally nurturing place surrounded by natural beauty, positive support and the camaraderie of peers. Equinox Ranch will aid veterans in connecting to the Veterans Affairs or civilian follow-up care to ensure that they have the social support to continue their recovery when they return home. They will come back to the ranch six to ten months later for the session.  


The ranch services are offered free of charge to combat veterans.  During their stay, veterans will engage in a combination of verbal and nonverbal therapies shown to be effective in the treatment of PTSD. Included in the program are art, music, exercise, individual counseling and peer support.  The classes, therapies and understanding of their peers will form a supportive atmosphere in which veterans may learn coping skills to counter the effects of trauma and begin to trust again.


Equinox Ranch is run by a team of dedicated professionals and volunteers. These people  were chosen for their compassion and understanding of combat veterans and recovery techniques and are trained to meet their needs. The ranch is adapted to the specific needs of this population. Each veteran has their own separate sleeping quarters and public spaces are arranged around the common needs of this group. Fresh, nutritious meals will be prepared daily for the veterans during their stay.


Equinox Ranch does not promote any religious or political position and is open to combat veteran regardless of their race; rank; religion; gender; branch of service, type of discharge or sexual orientation.

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