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Reflecting On Our Journey

“Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has." -Margaret Mead

Recently, I was asked by someone inquiring about the ranch, “Isn’t that a huge project to have taken on?” The only correct answer to that question is a resounding “YES.”

We started with an idea, and with every coming week it grows to be more and more substantial. Throughout the process of planning and developing the program, I would sometimes be advised that I needed to start small- the advice would be something like, “start with one veteran and a horse and grow from there.” Though it may seem much more reasonable than the gargantuan task of starting a whole program, I, like everyone else, have limited time on this earth and my vision was for a program where veterans can support one another and be exposed to new coping skills. MY original vision was for our program to incorporate equine therapy. Horses are incredible resources for healing, and I hope that they will be a part of our program in the coming years. Regardless, I am thrilled to have come so far from where we started.

I am constantly both amazed and grateful for how many people we have engaged in our social movement and how many more people want to join us on our journey. I started this journey by myself but it can only succeed with the support of many. The psychological needs of combat veterans and their families are deep and invisible but they are very real in their consequences. I believe that we owe those who have served and their families and neighbors our support and understanding. As we spread the word about the ranch, we also spread the word about the effects of combat.

If we shy away from projects because they are complex or require a lot of our time and energy or even resources that we do not yet have then we will not progress as a people. I saw a need and have gathered all of my resources and connections in pursuit of meeting some of that need. It is my small way of gathering others to change the world.

We are currently running a fundraising campaign to finish renovations to our property. Please check out our page to watch the fundraising video, donate and claim some Equinox Ranch swag!

Take a look through this gallery of some of the friends we've made throughout our journey!

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