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Letter from Ellen

Dear Dr. Margo,

I was never good at reading and writing but I am hoping to find the right words to get my message across. Equinox Ranch means life to me. I can feel your vision of assisting veterans in finding their balance.

When I took a CEU massage class about working with trauma, I told my instructor how much I wanted to work with other veterans and she took me to Cullowhee. Once on the ranch, it was like BAM!!! I had to tell other veterans about this little spot in the mountains and the great visionary who created it to see if they would come to volunteer to help get the doors open for veterans fighting the invisible wounds of war they suffer as a result of their sacrifices to our country. The other volunteers also feel the magic of this place where we feel safe.

The great Equinox Ranch has drawn me closer this summer. I do what I can to help get the doors open for other suffering veterans. This place is a great start on the road to recovery. For me the doors are already open because you and the ranch are helping me. I stand by your side whenever you need me.

I am writing to share my appreciation for you, the ranch and the universe for bringing us together.



An OEF, OIF Combat Veteran


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