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Did you see us on TV?

Did you see us on TV?

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Welcome to Equinox Ranch

Invisible Wounds, Visible Healing

Conservative estimates report that at least 30% of combat veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. At least half of those never seek treatmentand those who do reach out receive "minimally adequate" care, at best.

Our goal at Equinox Ranch is to empower veterans that struggle with the daily hardships of readjusting to civilian life. We provide the necessary community and resources that truly can make a difference in their lives.

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What We Do

Equinox Ranch is a retreat center designed to provide veterans with the space and resources to heal from the traumas experienced during combat. At Equinox we know that lasting change takes time and our program is designed with this in mind. Our year long program where veterans stay at the ranch for two, separate fourteen day sessions, is longer and more comprehensive than any other veteran wellness program in existence.


We are a support system, a peaceful refuge and a pool of resources determined to provide veterans with the friendship and strength they deserve.

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